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Roberto Krutiansky

Roberto Krutiansky

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Roberto’s Past Work Experience

Roberto Krutiansky is a financial professional with extensive experience in equities, fixed-income markets and hi-tech industries.  

Roberto traded and positioned financial securities and derivatives for 30 years in several U.S. financial institutions, including JP Morgan, ING Barings, Greylock Capital Management and several other broker-dealers. 

In addition to his work within the United States, he has also worked as a Portfolio Manager for Greylock Capital, sourcing and investing in high yield and distressed Sovereign and Corporates in Brazil and Argentina. Roberto formed and negotiated in global creditor committees for Argentina, Province of Buenos Aires, Province of Mendoza, and several corporations and banks. 

He graduated with a Master of Sciencein Electrical Engineering at Carnegie-Mellon University, and worked in Silicon Valley for several computer start-ups as a Design Engineer for 11 years. That gives him a deep insight and understanding of the hi-tech industry.