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We know the biggest concern for many is outliving their money. We focus on money management as well as other issues that are critical to your financial well-being.

Wealth Management

Wealth Management is all about preserving and growing your wealth. Through regular review meetings we'll ensure you're on track and working toward goals. CBK Wealth will make sure your portfolio stays up to date according to your changing needs. Clients can expect tailored plans, organized paperwork and processes, retirement asset advice, access to and evaluation of alternatives, cutting-edge tools for visibility and management, frequent reviews of statements and portfolio assets and more. 

Insurance Planning

Preparing for the unexpected can be difficult. Having a comprehensive plan removes a weight off your shoulders. We'll identify risks in your financial situation and assemble a plan with you to help protect you and your loved ones from unforeseen circumstances. We'll discuss a variety of insurance coverages including disability, life and long-term care. We know it's a difficult subject to talk through, but having a plan in place will create peace of mind. 

Educational Funding

Getting your kids to and through college is not easy. CBK Wealth can help you financially prepare for that. From establishing 529 plans or custodial accounts to completing the FAFSA, we are here to help!

Tax Planning

Financial planning and tax efficiency go hand-in-hand. CBK Wealth will take a comprehensive view of your financial plan and how taxes play a role in it. This includes income timing, timing of capital gains and losses, and when to make tax deferral investments such as IRA’s, 401K’s, Annuities, Charitable Trusts, etc. Tax Planning is another way CBK Wealth helps our clients get the most from their planning and investments.

Retirement Planning

How much do you need to retire? When should you start saving? CBK Wealth will help you figure it out and get on track with a retirement plan that’s right for you. Our retirement planning services are tailored to work with you to identify your financial goals and help identify any risks that you may need to prepare for down the line. Already retired? CBK Wealth will help you navigate how to make the most of what you have accumulated while while you enjoy your retirement.

Estate Planning

Estate planning involves determining how an individual’s assets will be preserved, managed and distributed after death. It also takes into account the management of an individual’s properties and financial obligations in the event that they become incapacitated. 

Do you have a will? Have you set up trusts? Making charitable donations to limit estate taxes? Have you named an executor and your beneficiaries? Are funeral arrangements established? These are just a few of the key points CBK Wealth can guide you on.

Knowing you have a properly prepared plan in place – one that contains your instructions and will protect your family – provides you and your family peace of mind. Estate planning is one of the most thoughtful and considerate things you can do for your loved ones.

Tax planning services offered by CBK Wealth. Tax planning services offered separately from Cetera Advisor Networks LLC, which does not provide tax or legal advice.

Financial Focus with AdviceWorks Platform

Financial Focus with AdviceWorks Platform

Get complimentary AdviceWorks access on us to see a holistic view of your finances. Keep track of your financial goals and your progress toward them. AdviceWorks allows you to quickly view all your financial accounts in one place, share important information, and measure your progress in real time – all from a single log in. Contact our office to enroll today.

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Spanish Speaking North America

CBK Wealth specializes in guiding Spanish-speaking clients in the U.S. Our in-house expert, Roberto Krutiansky, is ready to offer unique insight.

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Our Approach

Identify your investment needs and understand which options may be best suited for your unique situation, your goals, your timeframe and your risk tolerance.

Our Approach

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Members of our team offer personalized approaches to developing your financial strategy. Read our stories, meet with us and find the right fit for you.

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